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Policy Guidelines

Permission from parents or guardians is essential. Forms can be obtained here.

This form provides a space to put down any relevant medical conditions that the instructors should be made aware of. In the case of children in local authority care additional permission is necessary from the local authority.

Participants do not have to be able to swim but must be water confident.

Bouyancy aids must be worn at all times on the water and on the pontoons.

Parents and guardians must provide an emergency contact number that is reachable at all times and must be prepared to come and collect their child if requested by the senior instructor in charge.

All-Aboard aims to provide a safe, secure and pleasant environment for all concerned in the activities it promotes. To this end we will expect participants in the sessions to accept the reasonable authority of the instructors in charge.

We will not tolerate abusive, discriminatory or aggressive behaviour by any participant towards either fellow sailors, the instructors, volunteers or the general public.

All-Aboard will not tolerate deliberately destructive behaviour towards association or public property.

We reserve the right to withdraw its services from any individual who transgresses these conditions. Parents or guardians will be contacted and asked to remove promptly any individual responsible.

No child will be left unattended while in the care of WESSA but parents and guardians are asked to collect their children promptly at the end of sessions.

We will endeavour to provide as much on the water activity as possible but participants must recognise that water sports are weather dependent and occasionally subject to cancellation. Please contact the senior instructors responsible if the weather looks doubtful and check the ALL ABOARD facebook site;

Users of the Chew Valley site are reminded that we are participating as members of a private club and are expected to observe their club rules and respect the rights of the other members.

On request provisional bookings for schools will be held for 7 days until confirmation. After this time cancellation by the school or group 24 hours before the booking will still result in payment being required

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