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Funding Projects at AAW

All-Aboard is currently delivering funded activities to support the target population to access watersports. Find out the projects we a have running you may qualify for.

Anna’s Special Fund

This year we created a funding pot of money to celebrate the work of a long-standing volunteer who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.  This funding will be available for the following beneficiary groups to access if needed: People with life-limiting conditions, disabilities, health conditions or additional needs, young people from low-income families or challenging backgrounds, schools, charitable groups, carers, mental health services, women and children shelters and refugees.

If you would like to access watersports using this funding , please contact us on 0117 929 0801 or by e-mailing here.

If you wish to make a donation to the ‘Anna Special Fund’, please click the button below.



Dementia Friendly Powerboat Trips – Funded by Scobell Trust

We are offering Dementia-friendly powerboat trips to individuals or families living with Dementia in the community.

The powerboat used is called Aiming Higher, it is wheelchair friendly, has step-free access and takes up to 8 passengers per trip (including up to 2 wheelchair users)  The session is max 2. 5 hours (including meeting the instructor getting buoyancy aids on and getting on the boat) which means you could have about 2 hours on the boat. This session is tailored to you so if you would like a shorter session, simply tell the driver when you would like to turn back.

Aiming Higher

For community groups, we can offer 2 x 1 hour trips where one group has coffee in our classroom while another group go out onto the boar, then they swap over. This allows more people to attend.

We are asking a donation of £6 per person living with dementia, carers and family members go free. If this donation is a barrier please notify us to discuss further.  We will organise the trip at a convenient time for you, where we have availability.

If you would like to book please email [email protected] or call 0117 929 0801.

Please see our Accessible Information webpage on what to expect page which has pictures and videos of our centre which you may find helpful.

** Please note we have a small number of sessions left under this funding, so please do get in touch**

We look forward to hearing from you!


True Colours Project

We currently have a funding pot from True Colours to offer watersport sessions to support families who have a child with a life-limiting or lifelong condition.

This funding pot allows us to offer barrier-free watersport activities for the whole family to enjoy, for families who have a child with a lifelong or life-limiting condition aged under 18 years old. The child with the medical condition does not have to be present during the session, so if they don’t feel up to it on the day, or if the family decide they want to use the session for the siblings, we can still offer this funded session.

We can offer accessible powerboat trips, sailing and paddle trips. One of our colleagues will discuss with you the best sport which will meet your families needs. Below are examples of the adapted vessels we have. We will discuss an appropriate time and date for you. Sessions are typically 2 hours long though we can tailor the session to your needs if this is to long.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in attending under this project.


     Hansa (Access) boat

Access boat – We have double handed access boats which as designed for people with disabilities. Sailor sit in a deck chair seat and the sail moves over heir heads meaning they don’t have to move from side to side. All ropes and steering is within reach of the sailor.


  Drascombe boat

Drascombe and Devon Day boat – we have two wooden boats which can take a group of people sailing. These are very stable boats and would be helmed by the instructor/volunteer.



We have individual canoes and kayaks but also have vessels called a Katakanu, which can take a small group out together. This is perfect if some paddlers may need a rest half way through as the group can keep paddling while they rest. There is a trampoline area between both hulls where the child can lay on and enjoy the sensation of their family paddling them up the river. we have wedge and bean bags to provide support if needed.

We do have a kayak with stabilisers. This is ideal for older children who may find balancing on the water a little challenging. Click HERE to watch this kayak in action.

Powerboat trips

We have many wheelchair-accessible powerboats able to take a small group of people up the river to explore Bristol from the water.

  Aiming Higher

The most popular powerboat we have have is Aiming Higher. If you have a larger family this can take up to 8 passengers (including up to 2 wheelchair users). The front of the boat turns into a ramp making easy free free access.

Instructor teaching participant how drive a powerboat via the RYA Powerability Scheme.


Our smaller powerboats are called Pioneers and they do have ramp access but take about 4 passengers (including up to 1 wheelchair user).

The powerboat rips are about 2 hours but we can tailor the length of the trip to you.

Please see our Accessible Information webpage on what to expect page which has pictures and videos of our centre which you may find helpful.

This project is all about creating fun happy memories and a barrier-free expereince. We have a quiet room and a waterside hoist and an accessible centre.

We look forward to hearing from you.