Watersports Birthday Parties

Looking to do something special for your birthday? Why not try a Watersports party, tailored to you?  Call us to book now on 0117 929 0801.

We offer sailing, paddling, stand up paddleboarding or raft building parties for children aged 8 and up, and rowing parties or powerboat trips for those over 12 years.

Our birthday parties last 2.5 hours (including welcome/introduction, putting on kit and time on the water). You will be sent party invitations with your confirmation email and will have a room allocated to you during your session so you can welcome your guests and have a base.

The price of each party depends on the activity and number of participants, as we adhere to National Governing Body instructor to participant ratios.  Those ratios are (instructor:participants):

Sailing – 1:6
Rowing – 1:6
Kayaking/Canoeing – 1:8
SUP – 1:8
Bellboat (a large double hulled canoe) – 1:10 (for youths), 1:8 (for adults)
Powerboat trip – 1:10

The cost per instructor is £125

So, for example, a sailing party for 8 people would cost £250 (as 2 instructors are needed) but a paddling party for 8 people would cost £125 (as one instructor is needed).

What is included?

In addition to the invitations and room during your session we will provide all of the kit that you need. All participants will be given a buoyancy aid which they must wear to participate in the activity. We advise that you bring shoes that can get wet and a change of clothes and a towel in case you get wet. We can provide wetsuits. Please bring a swimming costume to wear underneath them.

Your session will be run by an experienced instructor. If you have any activities or plans you want to be incorporated into your party please let us know at the time of your booking e.g. If you’d like to include some games, take a harbour tour as part of the session, or travel to/from an ice cream stop.

Additional Room Hire

Rooms are available to hire for additional time after your session, so you can enjoy some food or open some presents after being on the water then we can hire out the room to for an additional charge.

We have a large room (upstairs) beside our kitchen (£23/hour) and a smaller room downstairs (£11/hour).  You are welcome to use our small kitchen which is located upstairs. It has a microwave and facilities to make hot and cold beverages.


If anyone attending your party has additional needs please phone 0117 929 0801 or email [email protected] to inform us of their needs. This will allow us to organise any additional support or resources they will need in place.