Support All-Aboard by making a Donation

All-Aboard Watersports is a registered charity (1151374).  We receive no support from central or local government, nor do we have any other form of guaranteed funding. Donations from supporters are a vitally important part of the charity’s finances, allowing us to continue to provide watersports sessions at reasonable cost to those facing challenging circumstances.


Our watersports programme is only made possible by the generosity of those who support us with donations, sponsorship or grants. If you would like to help contact us or make a donation through Charities Aid Foundation:

We welcome donations or sponsorship from individuals as well as commercial organisations.

You can support us in the following ways:

Your Club / Company / Organisation

Suggest to your club or the company you work for that All-Aboard Watersports could be their ‘Charity of the Year’ when they can encourage volunteering, fundraising events and donations from members or employees. Sponsorship; Your organisation can sponsor All-Aboard and make specific donations to provide essential equipment needed for watersports sessions. Donations may be funds or equipment or items suitable for fundraising raffles. Companies can make donations to purchase lifejackets, first aid equipment, mobility aids, safety boat equipment, maintenance parts and materials, engines and fuel, even replacement boats. We are always proud to publicly acknowledge Companies who support our charitable activities.


By giving your time or allowing your employees time to volunteer with us.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us on 0117 9290801 or email [email protected]

Leave a Legacy

Make an everlasting gift by specifying a donation to All-Aboard Watersports as a beneficiary within your will.

Or send your donation to:
All-Aboard Watersports
Baltic Wharf
Cumberland Road

“It is so important for these clubs and sessions to be made available to young people. They gain so much from them and the wonderful volunteers who make themselves available. His life is richer for it.”