Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Books

RYA Books are a great way to support your learning for your RYA course.

See below for an overview on all our the RYA books we sell:

  • RYA Start Sailing Book (G3)

A beginner’s handbook which explains all the basic and essential things you need to know to develop your sailing skills


  • RYA Advanced Sailing Book (G12)

This book provides essential techniques and background knowledge for the RYA Level 3 (Improving Techniques) course and Level 5 (Advanced Skills). Great for background reading and post-course reminder. 


  • RYA Youth Logbook & Syllabus (G11)

Sign off the syllabus for each Youth Stage and log your progress with this book (suitable for under 16’s).


  • RYA Adult Logbook & Syllabus (G4)

Record your progress as you work through the RYA sailing courses by signing off the syllabus and log your progress.


  • RYA Go Sailing! Activity Book for Young Sailors (G45)

Beautifully illustrated and packed with fun games, quizzes and exercises. Go Sailing Activity Book will provide endless enjoyment and learning opportunities for all budding sailors.


  • RYA Start Powerboating Book (G48)

This book is suitable for accompanying the RYA Powerboat Scheme, covering navigation, theory, safety and seamanship.


  • RYA Powerboat Syllabus & Logbook (G20)

This book details the structure and content of all courses from beginner to advance within the RYA Powerboat Scheme, allowing you to log your progress.


  • RYA Safety Boat Handbook (G16)

This book contains practical techniques, expert advice and tips for Safety boat crew. It compliments the Safety boat course [CD-ROM inside book].


  • Instructor Handbook (G14)

An essential purchase for anyone teaching on an RYA Dinghy, Multihull or Keelboat Instructor Course, it incorporates information on the level 3 ‘Better Sailing’ qualification for the RYA’s National Sailing Scheme, as well as diagrams,  illustrations and photographs.


All books are available for collection from our office. If you would like your books to be purchased please call 0117 929 0801 so we can organise this for you at a extra cost.