Accessible Information

Communication Aids

We understand the importance of communication and wish to remove any communication barriers for our clients.

We have photo signs to show you where things are.  We have low-tech communication aids, visual timetables, a ‘Talking mat’ and guides on what will happen. You are welcome to use these when you want to.

We have a dyslexia friendly version of our Terms and Conditions and a  dyslexia friendly copy of our FAQ’s.  We also have a 2019 Course Dates large print and our a breakdown of current pricing List (large print).

We are currently training all of volunteers and instructors with the help of a Speech and Language Therapist to facilitate communication with all clients and are creating videos to answer questions on our sessions and facilities.

Accessible Information : What to Expect

We understand that knowing what to expect during our sessions can help to reduce anxiety.

Click the documents below for the accessible information guides on what will happen at your time at All-Aboard:

Accessible Information for SEN Schools, Groups

Sailability Accessible Information

Social Stories

Social Stories can be useful for children with Autism or Learning Disabilities to explain or prepare them for certain occasions. Click below to view our social stories which explains a clients experience.

Social Story – Holiday Club

Social Story – SEN Groups, SEN Schools

Social Story – Sailability Saturday (Easy to Read)


What to Expect: SEN Groups, Schools – Accessible Information

What to Expect: Saturday Sailability and more

Your Visit at AllAboard!

Hello and Welcome to All-Aboard Watersports.

This is the classroom where you will be welcomed and asked to leave your bags, you will be told a little about what we are going to do and you will meet with your instructors.

Before you go out on the water you will be asked to wear a buoyancy aid. This is to keep you safe.  Everyone in our centre who goes near the water will be wearing one of these.

If you are going sailing you will probably go out on a boat like this one,  It is called an Access dinghy and we have them in lots of different colours. We also have canoes which you might go in or a special boat called Aiming High.

Each visit will last three hours.

Sometimes groups and schools take their lunch and have a picnic upstairs in our centre.  We have a lift for you to go in if you need help.

We hope that you have a lovely time and if you are uncertain about anything, just ask us, we will be happy to help.