Dementia Inclusion Project

Working in partnership with Bristol City Council Public Health Department, we are delighted to offer waterbased activity for those diagnosed with dementia and their support workers.

The benefits of activity and especially the beautiful setting of the harbour has long been known, but the benefits of  stimulating memories for those with dementia is breaking new ground for us.

Funding from Public Health has allowed All-Aboard to deliver taster sessions as part of the City Councils Bristol Dementia Inclusion Project. A number of our instructors and volunteers were asked to complete an Approaches to Dementia Questionnaire, to establish baseline attitudes to dementia of All-Aboard staff.
So far all participants have used Aiming High. Feedback from the groups has been enormously positive. Support workers reported that a participant ‘smiled throughout the trip’; a man who had sailed in the past and who doesn’t speak much now, was completely engaged during the trip – looking around, feeling the wind and the movement of the boat.

Quote from Ivy Turner: “ I went on a boat trip in 1950 with my husband. We were married for 64 years. We were on holiday in Weymouth. Today reminded me of then”.

The trip clearly evoked good memories for her.